DErica Residences

DErica Residences

DErica Residences is the phase 4 mixed-developemnt serviced apartment project by Exsim Group.

All about DErica Residences

DErica Residences is a sanctuary at the intersection of contemporary living and stunning wilderness. One of concept of Zen Garden is most evident as you wander through the grounds.

It’s comprising of 2 Tower of Services Apartments. 45 Storeys in Tower A and 48 Storeys in Tower B

Three types of layout with minimum 1000sqft and maximum 1540sqft could let you have more space enjoy premium lifestyle with your family. 

What Does DErica Reisdences Have?

  1. 2 Towers Services Apartments
  2. 528 units in Tower A
  3. 615 units in Tower B
  4. Leasehold Tenure
  5. All layout comes with 2 carparks except 1540sqft is 3. 
  6. Estimated completion date on 2024

Typical FloorPlan

Unit Plan

1000 SF, 3+1R2B (WIth Balcony)

1000 SF, 3+1R2B (WIthout Balcony)

1200 SF, 4R2B (With Balcony)

1200 SF, 4R2B (Without Balcony)

(With Balcony) 1200 SF, 4R2B 

(Without Balcony) 1200 SF, 4R2B 

1540 SF, 4+1R3B (With Balcony)

1540 SF, 4+1R3B (Without Balcony)

Our Building Composition

  1. 2 Levels of Basement Car Park (Basement 1 to Basement 2)
  2. 4 Levels of Lower Ground Car Park (LG1 to LG4)
  3. 7 Levels of Podium Car Park (GF to Level 6)
  4. 1 Level of Podium Facilities (Level 7)
  5. 1 Level of Sky Facilities: Level 45 (Tower A) & Roof Level (Tower B)
  6. 42 Levels (Tower A) & 45 Levels (Tower B) of Serviced Apartment

    : Level 3 to 43A (Tower A) & Level 3 to 47 (Tower B)

Artist Impression

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