DTerra Residences

Phase 6 project by Exsim
CentralPark Damansara Perdana

Project Location

DTerra Residences is a phase 6 project in the CentralPark Damansara Perdana. It takes around 5-10mins to Ikea Damansara and One-Utama. 

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Typical FloorPlan

D’Terra Residences has 2 facing direction which one are Northwest : Sungai Buloh and another is Southwest : TTDI/Mont Kiara

DTerra Residences Unit Plan

DTerra Residences available layout up to 1179 SF with 3+1Rooms and 2 Bathrooms

3R2B, 956 SF (With Balcony)

3R2B, 956 SF (N/A Balcony)

3R2B, 956 SF (With Balcony)

3R2B, 956 SF (N/A Balcony)

Let’s split your master bedroom out from 2 Bedroom with 1 more study room. The study room has even more spaces

3+1R 2B, 1151 SF (With Balcony)

3+1R 2B, 1151 SF (N/A Balcony)

3+1R 2B, 1151 SF (With Balcony)

3+1R 2B, 1151 SF (N/A Balcony)

Elderly-Friendly Might be your favourites

3+1R 2B, 1179 SF (With Balcony)

3+1R 2B, 1179 SF (N/A Balcony)

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DTerra Residences Facilities

CDP infinity pool
CDP Vitality-Gym
CDP viewing cottage

DTerra Residences Ideas Impression

dterra swimming pool
DTessera Residences Idea Impression

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